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When the Choice is Feed the Mind, or Feed the Body...

It has always been my heart's desire to support authors by buying their books. Especially when, for many authors including myself, writing is more than a passion but the means of a much-needed income. Yet, very often, the budget simply will not allow for the kind of support I strongly wish to give. My book wish-list grows longer by the day, and sometimes I have to pick and choose based on how far the money will go, and sometimes that means no spending at all.

So, the question is: What are ways I can support my favorite authors even when I cannot afford to buy their beautiful new book off the shelf for $10-$20?

Authors put a lot of heart, dedication, time, sweat, and tears into writing and editing and polishing their stories. The passion only feeds us for so long. The process of bringing an idea to a ready-to-publish, complete manuscript can be downright brutal! So much of the time, these authors do not see a return of even half of each book sale made because everyone else takes th…

Monday's A Beast - So Read a Book Instead

Monday is coming, and Captain Garren knows the struggle to not lose your mind and let loose the monster when the craziness begins. We all need an antidote. Grab an extra mug of coffee, turn up the radio in your car and sing at the top of your lungs, or travel away from the stress with a book into another world. So, ONE DAY ONLY, August 14, my book Saving Beauty will be nearly half-price from $8.99 to ONLY $4.99! What?!? Find it on

So, escape your Monday with a trip into a land of monsters and men—and the beauty that tames the heart of a beast. What gets you through a Monday? include #MondaysABeast on social medias like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and let me know!

Book Sales!

Well, my Goodreads giveaway for Chasing Cinders is over, but there are a few other offers to take advantage of yet! Specifically, a discount sale on the kindle version of this second book in my Crown of Stars series.

Before I get into that, I want to thank everyone for participating in the giveaway. I wish I could have given out more copies and made everyone winners! Unfortunately, this author has to feed herself and pay bills and I simply cannot afford to print and ship 600+ books on my income.

Therefore, I am offering the next best thing to free—which is a huge discount on the kindle version of the book. Giving those of you who entered the giveaway but did not win (or those who missed out on entering completely) the chance to still take part in this deal: Chasing Cinders is $4.99 (discounted from $8.99!!) through August 5th ONLY! Please, please don't miss out on this amazing deal! One of my favorite parts of being a writer is sharing my stories with you, dear readers, and seeing…