Progress, Progress - To the Camp NaNoers

As we hit the middle of April's CampNaNoWriMo, I am well on my way to completing my goal of 140,000 words total for my first draft of Seeking Giants, Princess Jac's story in my Crown of Stars retellings series. And during these days of writing, I have discovered a few things.

Firstly, as I am less than 10k away from 140,000 words, I realize I might have set my goal a little low. When I initially set the goal I was at 81,000 words, and I thought 140k total should be just about right as a rough, first draft goal. Chasing Cinders, my cinderella retelling, is published at just over 139,000 words.

I think I should have added on another 20k to Seeking Giants, knowing editing will bring that number down a little. So, I will probably still be writing even after I hit my Camp's goal.

Secondly, first draft's really are very, very messy. Sure, I have been publishing novels for 10 years now…. Has it really been that long?! ….and avidly writing for probably twice that long. I shoul…

Countdown to Spring Ebook Sale on Amazon!

(Crown of Stars) Saving Beauty by Elizabeth D. Marie
When Belle is taken to fight in the Great War, only Singer Captain Garren, the King's Army's heartless warrior—whose blood has been tainted with the blood of the creatures called For'bane, can hope to save her. But can she save him from himself?

"Outstanding. I love a good beauty and the beast story, and this one did not disappoint. A refreshingly original setting, complex character development and an action filled plot are all woven together into a seamless tale that's truly delightful to read. I highly recommend this book." —Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars

"It is not your predictable love story. It had some surprising twists and turns... This is a long book but one that I had to read to the end. It is not your predictable love story. It had some surprising twists and turns that kept the story interesting and kept my attention to the end." —Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars "Wow! What a read! Elizabeth…

For The Book Lovers...

You know who you are. You slip away from the crowds at a friend's party, going in search of beautiful treasures wrapped up in peaceful silence. You feel secret delight when the snow is too deep to leave the house. You smile and tell your coworkers you can't go out on Friday, because a handsome prince is waiting for you to save him from dark forces…. Um, okay, so maybe that's pushing it just a bit. But you know who you are.

"Baby, it's cold outside…." But you are warm with your blankets, your hot chocolate (or tea, or coffee), maybe a roaring fire in the fireplace, and a cat or two—or a dog of two—on your feet. Most importantly, you have a selection of books waiting on your Kindle, and a stack of paperbacks beside you.

It is February, and some of us have just come out of a deep cold spell or mountain-loads of snow, others of us are facing those things coming back around again. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, I have some reading suggestions for you, along wi…

Crown of Stars Book 4 Cover Reveal!

It has been a busy 2018 already, and we're only in February! Firstly, getting "Finding Mera" (book 3 in Crown of Stars) approved across ebook and paperback platforms, now available through Amazon. Secondly, holding a giveaway for one signed copy on Instagram (find me at "elizabethdmariebooks" and "elizabethdmarie"!) and signing and distributing preorders and the winner's copy, along with some fun book swag bookmarks. And now, revealing the official cover and title for book 4!

Here is the somewhat-unofficial-before-final-editing-and-tweaking book blurb:

Sister to the King of Asteriae, Princess Jacquetta has no wish to conform to the ways befitting a royal. Especially a marriage alliance with a persistent old noble who sees her only as his next conquest.

She never backs down from a challenge; the reward could mean her freedom once and for all—an escape—though it could prove far more dangerous than she imagined. The walls she has erected around her hea…

Saving Beauty...Beauty and the Beast

I love those classic Disney happily ever afters. But these stories are more than the wedding day and marrying the prince. I love that Cinderella never gives up, even when she is kneeling in the cinders in a tattered old dress, forgotten and unloved by the rest of the world; even though her stepmother hates her, she sings a song and still smiles. I love that silly, sweet Snow White takes care of a house of grumpy little old men and that her kindness to them never wavers. I love that Belle loves her father so much, she is willing to do anything to save him, and she won't cower or bow to the Beast's anger and abuse.

I fell in love with the story of Beauty and the Beast as a child. The Beast was rather frightening—yes, he certainly had a bad temper. Belle had a knack for getting into trouble by being just a little too curious for her own good. She craved adventure; she wanted more. She wasn't deceived by appearances: Gaston was handsome, but inside he was a cold and cruel beas…

PreOrder Special!

For readers of epic fantasy, comes another book in the Crown of Stars retellings. An action-adventure romance retelling of the little mermaid.

Today is the day for my announcement on preorders for Crown of Stars: Finding Mera, my little mermaid retelling! I spent the weekend finalizing my manuscript and book cover for the printers and the proof is in the mail on its way to me. I cannot wait, and I wanted to extend my celebration special to include all of you, dear readers.

Every time I release a novel, I always make sure I have a supply for my own author bookshelf I have reserved here on the homestead. It is lovely to see those perfect thick spines all lined up in rows with my name on them! It reminds me that I have conquered and emerged victorious from the battle of word counts, editing, stubborn characters, and aggravating scenes. And it encourages me that as I have been victorious in the past, so I can continue to be so in the future. There are always more books to be written, and…

The Truth Behind "The Little Mermaid" Original

I was in the midst of writing my little mermaid retelling, "Finding Mera", when I looked up the original story on Wikipedia. Now, I was already familiar with the Disney version, and that it is completely different in its conclusion, compared to the original Hans Christian Anderson tale. Actually, the original is considered more a tragedy than "happily-ever-after", although there has been some debate on that.

Here is the truth: (Spoiler alert for those who only know the Disney version)

In the original tale, the little mermaid does not gain the love of the prince, and throws herself into the ocean and dies. Yep. Not very Disney, is it? I much prefer a happily-ever-after ending.

However, reading through the original story and Anderson's comments, as well as a comment by P.L. Travers (author of Mary Poppins), about the meaning behind this ending, I was struck with some new insights. Shockingly, the idea behind the original strongly mirrors my own story. I had not e…