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Beginning a Journey into Asteriae...

In order to survive, everyone must fight. Men. Women. And children.

And if mankind is not strong enough to fight the enemy, then mankind must become something more. Mankind must become greater monsters than their foe.

But what happens when light is mixed with the shadows? Will there be anything left in the kingdom worth saving?

I began my journey into Asteriae three years ago, with the scene of a group of soldiers riding into a small farming village to recruit a group of young people who have known nothing in their lives but the growing of wheat and the watching of a sky turned red from years of war. A single female is among them, and she finds herself under the command of a man the Army has turned into a monster. A Captain who is certainly more of a beast than a man.

Asteriae is a small kingdom of territories ruled by a young King who ascended the throne when he was only eleven years old. A land torn apart by war and divided by questionable loyalties. When war with a creature called …