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Elizabeth D. Marie Fiction Author
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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Get Ready for An Epic Battle

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my latest post. My proof copy for Saving Beauty, the first in the Crown of Stars series, has arrived! I am ecstatic! There is nothing more thrilling in the writing experience than holding the finished book in your hands. From three years, when the first scene was written and I had no idea where it would go from there, to this moment—let me tell you, it's amazing! I can't get over it. The book is an inch and a half thick! I can't get over that either, haha.

The next great excitement will be delivering it into your hands, dear readers. It won't be long now! In the meantime, my excerpt is still HERE for your curiosity. Also, I compiled a playlist of songs to go with the theme of the story, as someone who loves music with about as much passion as I love books. Now, I have made this playlist public on Spotify for anyone who is curious to hear the music that has accompanied my writing and editing of Saving Beauty. Listen HERE.

When I first heard the song "Demons" I knew at once that it was Captain Garren's song. As a scarred and broken soldier who has built up his walls, Garren struggles with his inner demons and fears, and his desire to see beauty and find meaning and relief, while desperately wanting to protect the one he loves most from being wounded by the darkness he is fighting. While Orabelle must battle her own scars and brokenness, and distinguish the men from the true monsters.

I am so excited about this series, and I cannot wait to share it with you. It has been a journey of discovery, agony, and heartache—all worth it in the end. The story unfolds through the eyes of both the beast and the beauty, entangled with the very real struggle between light and darkness that exists not only in this fantasy world, but in our world too.

"We all have a choice, to be monsters or men." —Saving Beauty

Who else is excited about the upcoming Disney live-action version of "Beauty and the Beast"? *Two hands up!* While you are waiting (somewhat impatiently, if you are like me) check out my book and get yourself in the mood. There are battle scenes, adventure, mystery, romance, rescue, heartache, and hope. Available very soon!