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Saving Beauty: A new fantasy fairy-tale retellings series!

I have spent the morning and early afternoon editing my Saving Beauty book, the first in a series of fairy-tale retellings that take place in the Kingdom of Asteriae. The first book takes place during the Great War of the land, as the kingdom fights to push back the dark and evil forces of an enemy determined to destroy them.

This story focuses on a Captain and Singer (a fierce archer with enhanced fighting skills)—our Beast in the retelling—who has been fighting in the War for fifteen long years, and on Orabelle—our Beauty—who is violently uprooted from her village home and forced to join the War under his command.

A four chapter excerpt can now be found at the provided link below, giving you—dear readers—the opportunity to get a taste of the story and characters and add your own comments and ratings! It also includes a preview of the official licensed cover as well.

I look forward to your feedback.


Another Dragon Down!

Or, maybe he's just wounded. I still have 2/3rds of the book left to write to actually complete Ella and Alaric's story. Still, despite a bit of floundering and some set-backs in daily word count goals, I got myself across the finish line in one piece with the first 50,000 words!

Now, I let the story set for a bit while I go back to finishing the final edit of Saving Beauty (The book where Alaric is first introduced as the young Boy King). That excerpt should be coming soon.

No, I don't read my NaNoMail and I confess I don't read the pep talks either. No time! Gotta keep writing.