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Web of Time: The Final Installment

These last few months have been a whirlwind for me. I started a new job in March. I was maid-of-honor in a very best friend of mine's beach wedding in May (a chilly, foggy day but the weather held off for the lovely outdoor service). And.... drum roll please.... I have finished writing my Web of Time book series! Celebrate!

For those of you who hoped to read an excerpt, I apologize for the empty link as I have been working on a revised, 2nd Edition to books #1 and #2 (previously published). A new excerpt for Awaiting the Dawn (#1) will be available for your reading pleasure.

And finally, it's time for pre-orders! You can get a Limited Edition Gift Set that includes all 4 books and a themed journal and bookmark book-quote charm (while supplies last!) or pre-order each individual book HERE.

"Time-traveler Kate McKinley travels across time in search of her home and family. What she discovers along her journey is faith, friends, and love. And courage to face the darkness and …