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Captain's Toy Box

I hope everyone is having a good start to the New Year. I thought I'd take a break from my writing/author posts to share a little about life with my Captain buddy.

My Bengal-mix cat, picked up as a stray by my cousin in the dead of winter after nearly being run over by a truck at 8 weeks, has an (perhaps) unhealthy obsession with hairbands.

He can sniff out one of my hairbands from a mile away like a well-trained bloodhound and I have too often caught him digging through my shower bag or my suitcase or investigating my bathroom shelf or bedside table in search of yet another hairband. No matter where I have one, even if it's a top shelf out of his reach, he knows and he dedicates all his effort to reaching it. I don't know where he stashes them once he has them, but by this point I am certain he has more hairbands than I do.

He has a few other toys, as all pets must. A "mousy" (also missing wherever the hairbands went) has been his favorite choice since kitten-ho…