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I Slayed A Dragon

Yes, my friends, I am a dragon slayer! My dragon was a dark mass of unformed story amounting in 50,000 words, taunting me each day with reminders of all my past NaNoWriMo shortcomings. But not this time. No, it did not best me.

The last time I conquered that November fire-breathing reptile was in 2010 with my adventure novel "The Daring." Part one of a two part series "Captain Thorne of the SS Daring." I finished out my first draft and continued at once into the second part "The Fortune." I continued writing it in December and had it edited and polished and published by the beginning of 2012 as a two-in-one-book hardcover special edition.

Yesterday, I validated my word count for this year's challenge where I wrote the first draft to my final "Web of Time" series novel "Then Comes Daybreak." Another word-count dragon conquered. I am still writing, however, as the book isn't complete at the current 55,000 words.

Soon, I will tack…

Shakespearean "Three Little Pigs"

Have you seen this one? As a lover of words... it has been far too long since I last watched this. Enjoy. And "Happy Thanksgiving" to my American friends! I hope you enjoy some turkey and pumpkin pie and have enough leftovers to get tired of it... and don't forget the green bean casserole!

50,000 and Counting!

I will celebrate by writing some more.

The First Week

Taking just a moment away from my book writing for NaNoWriMo to report. I am just about to pass 20,000 words and several days ahead of schedule... Wohoo!
Okay, so we are nearly a week into November's challenge. I've started Chapter Twelve of "Web of Time: Then Comes Daybreak" and the inspiration is still flowing (always a good sign).
Also, I have not forgotten to feed my little furry friends (that's Mika and Captain, as I've introduced to you in previous posts) or forgotten to feed myself. I still know what day it is—probably only because my computer tells me—and I haven't completely abandoned the real world... yet. My writing cave consists of music, a warm, blazing fire, and as much sunlight as the approaching winter allows.
Ooh! And hot chocolate. Duh.
I should get back to it.