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Final Week!

It's the final week until the NaNoWriMo kick-off! I have planned a little party for a few other writing friends to celebrate with pizza, movies, and games to launch this creative mayhem.

I have filled two pages with planning and ideas, started in on character lists, and reviewed music to compile my story soundtrack to accompany me as I write. You can find my complete story soundtrack at the bottom of my blog! (It could have been even longer...)

I have added my book title and synopsis to my nanowrimo profile HERE.

So, I am giving a final shout out to fellow NaNoWriMo adventurists: Get ready!

And, to the rest of you—journeymen readers and dreamers—give the gift of coffee (or hot chocolate to those non-coffee drinkers, like myself) this month to an author near you... and save a life. They may mumble incoherently at the time, but after they've emerged from their story caves in December and squint into the sunlight of the world called Reality, they will remember and thank you.

Portraying Proper Portraits

As I work to produce a new cover set for my Web of Time series to celebrate the upcoming release of the final books, I thought I'd take a breath and clean off my pencil stained fingers and return to the keyboard to talk about book cover artwork. As some of you know, I do my own cover artwork; I draw the faces of my characters. This is by choice and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Why? Though it has been fifteen years (plus or minus), I still remember when and why I made the decision. It was after viewing the jacket cover for a hardcover edition to one of my favorite series novels as a child. The artist clearly hadn't bothered to read the book or even bothered to get the proper facts on the characters he/she was creating the portraits for. The most obvious mistake? A blonde-haired girl had suddenly been transformed into a black-haired girl. This traumatized me and I have never been able to look at the cover again.

Okay, I'm being overdramatic.

Just the same, it was en…