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Creating Illusions

We writers live to create illusions from reality. We create fictional realities and make them come alive. It isn't about forgetting reality—though I think we can agree that sometimes we want to—but integrating stories and breathing life into characters so that when you open a book, you forget that it is just a work of fiction.

Ideas come from all around us. Sometimes, ideas form in looking at a situation or even a devastation and thinking 'that isn't right' or 'this is how that might have gone, if things had been different; if that person would have done that, or this person said that' or 'what would a happy ending look like?'

I enjoy stories of hope and inspiration. Maybe it has a fictional setting and fictional characters, but what would this look like in the real world? If people had honor and integrity; if they stood up for the poor and helpless; if family took care of each other; if love really could conquer any mountain.

Because, it doesn't ha…

I Speak... The Problem of Ten Thousand Words

I am not a public speaker. I shudder at the thought. I have done some acting on stage, and I loved it, despite the horrible attack of nerves at every performance. But it isn't just the idea of standing behind a podium and giving a speech that set's me on edge. It's speaking up in a crowd of people at all that makes my heart skid to a terrifying halt.

Because, I am not a speaker. I am a writer. It isn't that I have nothing to say, rather, it is that I have TOO much to say. Ten thousand words that get tangled up in the mind, a mass of confusion in the brain. There is no "off" switch to these words—these thoughts and emotions—that parade inside my head.

Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head? How it plays over and over and you can't seem to shut it off?

A writer's only outlet is the pen and paper. Or maybe a computer screen and a keyboard. Some have a way with words, and they can make speeches. I am not one of them. I prefer to speak through word…