About the Author

I published my debut novel, "Awaiting the Dawn", back in 2008 as the first book in the time-travel, historical-fiction series "Web of Time." The second book, "As Night Descends", was published in 2010. If you enjoy mystery and adventure, including the medieval times and archeology, check them out. The final two books of the series are currently being edited for publication and will be released with revised editions of books 1 and 2 with new covers... I'm excited for that and will announce the release date soon!

My newest series, "Captain Thorne of the SS Daring", has recently made its way to the iBookstore! This historical-fiction series focuses on the life and adventures of the German sea captain of a tramp-steamer during the Great Depression and at the brink of the second World War.

I have a great passion for reading, especially historical-fiction. My stories are a blend of adventure, mystery, faith, and romance. I enjoy letting the characters tell their own stories, and I don't always know where that will lead. That makes it an adventure for me as the writer, as well as—I hope—for the reader!

All of my books can be found at FamilyBuddy.


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