Book Sales!

Well, my Goodreads giveaway for Chasing Cinders is over, but there are a few other offers to take advantage of yet! Specifically, a discount sale on the kindle version of this second book in my Crown of Stars series.

Before I get into that, I want to thank everyone for participating in the giveaway. I wish I could have given out more copies and made everyone winners! Unfortunately, this author has to feed herself and pay bills and I simply cannot afford to print and ship 600+ books on my income.

Therefore, I am offering the next best thing to free—which is a huge discount on the kindle version of the book. Giving those of you who entered the giveaway but did not win (or those who missed out on entering completely) the chance to still take part in this deal: Chasing Cinders is $4.99 (discounted from $8.99!!) through August 5th ONLY! Please, please don't miss out on this amazing deal! One of my favorite parts of being a writer is sharing my stories with you, dear readers, and seeing you experience the adventure with me. Your support and excitement mean the world to me!

But that is not all! Also available through August 5th, "The Arkhein", the first part in my alternate-history, dystopian book "In the Lion's Court", is FREE on Amazon Kindle. This is a limited series (just two books total, 5 parts each) and follows the perspective of seventeen-year-old Galilea in the Empire's great competition to crown their next Monarch, under the close eye of the Sanctioned. A twist of fairy-tale and dystopia, this is a clean romantic read. I am getting ready to published part 3—and cannot wait to continue writing more.

Also, Crown of Stars: Finding Mera, book 3 is scheduled for release in the spring of 2018, so keep an eye out for updates there and for an excerpt, coming soon!

Writing is my passion, and it is your support which makes that passion a reality. Thank you again and God Bless.


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