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Monday, November 20, 2017

PreOrder Special!

For readers of epic fantasy, comes another book in the Crown of Stars retellings. An action-adventure romance retelling of the little mermaid.

Today is the day for my announcement on preorders for Crown of Stars: Finding Mera, my little mermaid retelling! I spent the weekend finalizing my manuscript and book cover for the printers and the proof is in the mail on its way to me. I cannot wait, and I wanted to extend my celebration special to include all of you, dear readers.

Every time I release a novel, I always make sure I have a supply for my own author bookshelf I have reserved here on the homestead. It is lovely to see those perfect thick spines all lined up in rows with my name on them! It reminds me that I have conquered and emerged victorious from the battle of word counts, editing, stubborn characters, and aggravating scenes. And it encourages me that as I have been victorious in the past, so I can continue to be so in the future. There are always more books to be written, and the struggle has become about choosing which ones will be pursued in the 365 days of each year.

And so, each time a new novel meets the shelf I like to celebrate. But I cannot celebrate alone! So, pull out some cupcakes—pumpkin is preferred, but chocolate will do; they are the best after all—put in some little wax candles, grab a bowl of those little wrapped chocolate bars, pour some warm apple cider, throw some blue and silver streamers, turn on some music—a mix of Owl City and For King & Country sounds great to me—and let's get the party started!

Preorder directly from my bookshelf; you get a signed paperback of the book plus some correlating bookmarks to go with it! This little mermaid retelling is book 3 in the Crown of Stars series. Don't worry, it can be read as a standalone novel if you have not read the first two yet. It is, however, recommended to read them in order, just to get the full, underlying story and characters that follows through the whole series.

This special is available November 20, 2017 - December 20, 2017. Payment of $21 (book + shipping) must be received between these dates. This offer is valid in US only! Pay with PayPal HERE. Book will be shipped after official release in January 2018.

Described by readers as a CS Lewis of today, Elizabeth D. Marie's latest series pulls you into a fantasy realm of hidden truths, supernatural forces, subtle allegory, epic battles, and slow-building romance.

If you enjoy CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, Anne Elisabeth Stengl, or Morgan L. Busse, then this author is for you!

**This book is recommended for Teens and Adults. It is a clean romance, but due to more mature themes it is not recommended for children.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Truth Behind "The Little Mermaid" Original

I was in the midst of writing my little mermaid retelling, "Finding Mera", when I looked up the original story on Wikipedia. Now, I was already familiar with the Disney version, and that it is completely different in its conclusion, compared to the original Hans Christian Anderson tale. Actually, the original is considered more a tragedy than "happily-ever-after", although there has been some debate on that.

Here is the truth: (Spoiler alert for those who only know the Disney version)

In the original tale, the little mermaid does not gain the love of the prince, and throws herself into the ocean and dies. Yep. Not very Disney, is it? I much prefer a happily-ever-after ending.

However, reading through the original story and Anderson's comments, as well as a comment by P.L. Travers (author of Mary Poppins), about the meaning behind this ending, I was struck with some new insights. Shockingly, the idea behind the original strongly mirrors my own story. I had not expected that, nor set out to write it that way. God—Elohim—showed me something as I read this article, confirming the truth about my story through the contrast between mine and Anderson's original.

Okay, so here is an abbreviated version of Anderson's tale:

The little mermaid sees the prince from a distance, falls in love with him, and saves him from drowning. She asks her godmother if humans live forever, and is told no. She is told humans have a much shorter lifespan than a mermaid's 300 years, and that they have an immortal soul which lives on forever and goes to heaven when they die. Mermaids, however, dissolve into the sea when they die. The little mermaid longs to have an immortal soul and go to heaven, so she goes to the sea witch and the witch tells her that in exchange for her voice, the witch will give her legs to walk on land; if she can win the love of the prince, his immortal soul will be shared with her, and she will go to heaven when she dies. The little mermaid agrees and goes in search of her prince.

Only, she discovers the prince has fallen in love with another, and they are getting married. Her mermaid sisters come and give her a knife, which they bartered away their long hair to the sea witch to get. They tell the little mermaid that the witch said if she kills the prince and lets the blood drip on her feet, the little mermaid will turn back into a mermaid and be able to return to her sea family. But the little mermaid cannot go through with it. Instead, she throws herself into the ocean, where she dissolves into sea foam.

This story I was mostly familiar with as the original tale. The revised conclusion to her death is where Anderson's and Travers' comments come in:

Instead of dying, the little mermaid is taken up to the "daughters of the air" (the original title of the story) and is told she has become like them, because she tried to do good on the earth, and tried everything she could to gain an immortal soul. So, they give her another chance to earn one herself, by doing good deeds for mankind for 300 years. Then, she will gain her immortal soul and go to the Kingdom of God.

P.L. Travers comments on the danger of such a conclusion, and writes: "This final message is more frightening than any other presented in the tale. The story descends into the Victorian moral tales written for children to scare them into good behavior…. a year taken off when a child behaves and a tear shed and a day added whenever a child is naughty? Anderson, this is blackmail. And the children know it and say nothing. There's magnanimity for you."

Anderson, however, wrote this to a friend: "I have not … allowed the mermaid's acquiring of an immortal soul to depend upon an alien creature, upon the love of a human being. I'm sure that's wrong! It would depend rather much on chance, wouldn't it? I won't accept that sort of thing in this world. I have permitted my mermaid to follow a more natural, more divine path."

My response to Anderson would be: "Well, I can agree that our eternal happiness cannot be found through human love and acceptance. But, you miss the mark in your conclusion of immortality gained by chance or our own ability—the most important element!"

So, to tell you a little about Finding Mera, my retelling of this classic tale: (No spoilers here, as the book has yet to be released!) ;)

Mera's desire is very similar to Anderson's original tale. She longs for a Divine Love—something taken away from her people long ago because of their disobedience. They were once a people beloved of Creator, and were given special powers through that love. But they corrupted that love and power for their own ways and desires. This has now become their curse: Destined to search for love and never be satisfied.

Mera is not like the others of her kind. She feels this loss and longing far more acutely than those before her, and her power is much stronger than anyone her age has ever demonstrated. She longs to redeem herself (much like the little mermaid longs to gain an immortal soul and go to Heaven).

However, unlike Anderson's conclusion for his tale, redemption does not come in the same form—it cannot be self-gained! She does not have the power to save herself. Darkness is coming, and with it a power stronger than her own abilities can ever hope to overcome. A darkness that will decimate her people and all four kingdoms if they cannot find a way to stand against it.

Discover Mera and ship Master Jariel Easton's story, coming January 2018!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

When the Choice is Feed the Mind, or Feed the Body...

It has always been my heart's desire to support authors by buying their books. Especially when, for many authors including myself, writing is more than a passion but the means of a much-needed income. Yet, very often, the budget simply will not allow for the kind of support I strongly wish to give. My book wish-list grows longer by the day, and sometimes I have to pick and choose based on how far the money will go, and sometimes that means no spending at all.

So, the question is: What are ways I can support my favorite authors even when I cannot afford to buy their beautiful new book off the shelf for $10-$20?

Authors put a lot of heart, dedication, time, sweat, and tears into writing and editing and polishing their stories. The passion only feeds us for so long. The process of bringing an idea to a ready-to-publish, complete manuscript can be downright brutal! So much of the time, these authors do not see a return of even half of each book sale made because everyone else takes their cut first. In the case of self-publishing, I can attest. The printers have to pay for printing materials as well as their own dedicated employees, as well as printing corrections, online fees, distribution and so on. The author who spends a year or more of their life on the book takes what is left over after that. Even ebooks, which have no physical printing costs, are the same way.

For example: An ebook you purchase for 99¢ pays the author only 35% from that sale. Not even half. Higher-priced ebooks, however, can pay the author between 35% and 70% in royalties from that sale. (These percentages are based on Amazon). To give you an idea of the range.

Because of this, I don't agree that books are "too much" to buy, as far as setting a price point is concerned. When I read blog posts and articles comparing buying a book with buying a burger or having a sit-down dinner of pasta and a side salad at a restaurant, I get what they mean and I agree with them. It is true, most people don't think twice about going out to eat every day or every other day, or even twice or three times a week. While they balk at the price of a book one can read and enjoy over and over again, claiming it is just too expensive.

But I am writing this for those of us who find such articles untrue in our own lives, and cannot relate to this comparison—or accusation, in some cases. What about us lower-income individuals, who love books with as much passion as middle-incomers or high-incomers? We want to support these authors, but when the choice comes down to feeding the body or feeding the mind—we really don't have an option at all.

I grew up where a monthly outing to the nearby Wendy's for two items off the dollar menu was our version of dining-out, and something to look forward to with as much enthusiasim and anticipation as being able to go see a movie at the dollar theatre (of which actually closed down just a couple years ago). While I never went without, and my mother—thank God for her—was very wise in the income we had and how to make the dollars stretch when and where they needed to, I would never have dreamed of being able to go to the bookstore and buy a brand-new novel—smelling of fresh-off-the-printer ink and paper—off the shelf. And buying a used book from a thrift store certainly wasn't going to support the author at all either.

Over the years, as I began my own pursuit of novel-writing, and as I experienced the process of publishing and pricing my work so the royalties were worth my efforts, my eyes were opened to the world of authors in a whole new way. I wanted my money to go to the authors to encourage them and support them in their careers of book-writing. I wanted to support my favorite authors just as I longed for that same support in my own writing career.

But, we still live in a world of often harsh and disappointing realities. Money does not grow on trees. I still have to choose between paying bills, buying groceries, or purchasing much-loved books to fill my library. Fellow book lovers, I hear you. The struggle is real.

How can we support our favorite authors when our budget does not allow for spending on our passion for books? This is a question that has been continuing to press on me. So, I have included a few ideas based off my own experiences as both a reader and a writer:

  • Social Media - It's a big deal! We spend most of our lives glued to our smartphones, tablets, and laptops; scrolling through newsfeeds, tweets, and articles—searching for the latest trends and obsessions. We want recommendations; we want to join the crowd and connect with people of similar likes and interests. Maybe you cannot afford to buy the book yet. Maybe you know it is going to sit on your wish list while you tackle paying a medical bill, affording groceries, or fixing those always-unexpected-and-inconvenient car repairs so you can get to work and back. But you CAN still show your support by following the author on social media platforms, sharing tweets, and posting to your friends and family to say, "Hey! Check out this author!" "I can't wait to read this book, it looks great!" Spreading the word through these platforms is being active in your support and will encourage other readers and help the author boost their online presence, making more sales in the process.
  • Libraries - Borrowing a book from the library may not pay the author for their work directly, but it brings notice. If the book is not available, enough people asking for the title and generating buzz about the book may send the librarians out hunting for a copy to get for their shelf. They keep track of these things! If a book falls too low in the rankings, and has not been checked out enough over a certain period of time, often they will just get rid of it. After all, like our own home libraries, they only have so much shelf space and new books beings released every year. After borrowing the book, snap a photo of you reading it and share it on Twitter and Instagram. Tag the author; share your enthusiasm. "Just finished reading another great book!" etc.
  • Write A Review - Okay, obviously this means you needed to have either borrowed the book from the library (see previous bullet point) or found yourself a copy at a thrift store or garage sale (As a reader: I delight in finding these affordable on a small income treasures. As an author: It makes me want to cry). Keeping an eye out for Goodreads Giveaways is another way to acquire a copy. (Disclaimer: No, you are NOT required to write a review if you win a giveaway on Goodreads, but the author always appreciates it if you do!) You can rate and review the book on several platforms, including Amazon, Goodreads, book seller sites, and even your own blog. Ratings and reviews help boost the presence of a book and its author. Reviews hold a LOT of sway for people who are checking out a book for the first time and debating whether or not it will be worth their time and money. You can help answer questions for them (preferably without including spoilers) on the book's content, style, and storyline. The review doesn't have to be a professional essay of paragraph upon paragraph of eloquent perfection. It doesn't even need to be two paragraphs. Maybe just a sentence on why you loved—or, (hopefully not) why you did not love—said book, and the reason for your choice of rating. Even as an author, I struggle with writing book reviews. So, if nothing else, keep it simple and just be honest.
Feeding the body is just as important as feeding the mind, and remember to feed BOTH good and healthy things! And it is okay if you choose to go out and enjoy a good Red Robin burger (yes, those are my favorite) now and then, and borrow the book from the library first. I'm here as an author who understands, to take the pressure off. Why not take a photo of you reading said book while eating your burger and post it to Instagram?? Then, you can write a review and tell your friends it's a book worth giving up that occasional, special burger for ;)

If you practice other ways to show your support for books and their authors, while not forgoing on much needed groceries, feel free to share in the comments!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Monday's A Beast - So Read a Book Instead

Monday is coming, and Captain Garren knows the struggle to not lose your mind and let loose the monster when the craziness begins. We all need an antidote. Grab an extra mug of coffee, turn up the radio in your car and sing at the top of your lungs, or travel away from the stress with a book into another world. So, ONE DAY ONLY, August 14, my book Saving Beauty will be nearly half-price from $8.99 to ONLY $4.99! What?!? Find it on Amazon.com

So, escape your Monday with a trip into a land of monsters and men—and the beauty that tames the heart of a beast. What gets you through a Monday? include #MondaysABeast on social medias like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and let me know!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Book Sales!

Well, my Goodreads giveaway for Chasing Cinders is over, but there are a few other offers to take advantage of yet! Specifically, a discount sale on the kindle version of this second book in my Crown of Stars series.

Before I get into that, I want to thank everyone for participating in the giveaway. I wish I could have given out more copies and made everyone winners! Unfortunately, this author has to feed herself and pay bills and I simply cannot afford to print and ship 600+ books on my income.

Therefore, I am offering the next best thing to free—which is a huge discount on the kindle version of the book. Giving those of you who entered the giveaway but did not win (or those who missed out on entering completely) the chance to still take part in this deal: Chasing Cinders is $4.99 (discounted from $8.99!!) through August 5th ONLY! Please, please don't miss out on this amazing deal! One of my favorite parts of being a writer is sharing my stories with you, dear readers, and seeing you experience the adventure with me. Your support and excitement mean the world to me!

But that is not all! Also available through August 5th, "The Arkhein", the first part in my alternate-history, dystopian book "In the Lion's Court", is FREE on Amazon Kindle. This is a limited series (just two books total, 5 parts each) and follows the perspective of seventeen-year-old Galilea in the Empire's great competition to crown their next Monarch, under the close eye of the Sanctioned. A twist of fairy-tale and dystopia, this is a clean romantic read. I am getting ready to published part 3—and cannot wait to continue writing more.

Also, Crown of Stars: Finding Mera, book 3 is scheduled for release in the spring of 2018, so keep an eye out for updates there and for an excerpt, coming soon!

Writing is my passion, and it is your support which makes that passion a reality. Thank you again and God Bless.

Monday, July 3, 2017


Happy Birthday to me! Today, July 3rd, is my birthday and to celebrate, I'm giving the gift this year—1 signed copy of my newest book in the Crown of Stars series: Chasing Cinders! Just click the caption on the photo in this post to follow the link to the giveaway page and enter for a chance to win!

Giveaway ends August 3rd! In the meantime, I will return to my CampNaNoWriMo writing of Finding Mera, book #3.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Cover Reveal!

As July approaches, I am plugging away at my next Crown of Stars retellings book. I will be participating in CampNaNoWriMo's July session this year, working to finish this novel. As promised with the release of the 2nd book in the series "Chasing Cinders", I am here to reveal the cover and title for the 3rd book!

While I was finalizing my first book "Saving Beauty" for publication, I was also working out the idea of turning it into a series. As other characters in the story presented themselves for future retellings, I developed the titles and ideas for the rest of the series. But I'm only revealing them one at a time! 6 books in total, for those who are wondering, with a possible companion novel for two of my favorite, lesser-known characters in the series. ;)

All my books can be found on Amazon.com, including the newly released Web of Time series in kindle ebook format and my first book in the Haak Brothers Trilogy (currently only available in ebook format).

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Book Release

So, I haven't posted here for a few months. Last entry, I was in the midst of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) working hard on my first draft of book #3 in my Crown of Stars series, while editing book #2. Since then, much has been happening.

I wrote the first part of book #3, and succeeded in reaching the 50k word count goal of NaNoWriMo. Wohoo! As well as finalizing the cover for the new book.

My beloved cat of thirteen years passed away, which as those of you who have lost a dear pet can understand was overwhelming and difficult. This put my writing energy into a downslide for a time.

I picked up my final editing of Chasing Cinders, book #2 with several great sessions with my editor. Enjoyed my visits with her, spending time pouring over the book and just catching up on life.

Now, after much hard work, late nights, and long days, the book has been published! I just found this morning that it is live on Amazon.com! I'm so thrilled to share this next installment with you all, and to finally tell Alaric's story, the Boy King, in this Cinderella retelling. The Kingdom of Asteriae faces a new....and maybe not so new...enemy. See the return of a few characters from the first book, including a certain Captain. ;)

Check it out HERE!

As always, if you enjoy the story, I would be so grateful for ratings and reviews. Tell your friends and family, and support a writer's hard work and dedication that made this book a reality.

Until next time. The writing never stops.