Celebrating 25k Achievement!

As I pass the halfway mark on my NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) project, I thought a great way to celebrate the 25k achievement would be to share with you all an excerpt for the new Chasing Cinders, Crown of Stars #2!

Six years have passed since where Saving Beauty left off, and the Boy King is ready to rule the kingdom of Asteriae with a bride at his side. But danger still plagues the land, and rumors of monsters in the woods is just one of the many problems he faces. Without the crown of his father, and a secret buried at the heart of the Summer Palace, the last thing he wants to do is play host to the visiting nobles—especially the unwed daughters they have brought with them.

"Through tragic circumstances, a prince becomes King at a young age. While a war-torn kingdom begins to heal, a new battle begins—a battle for the King's heart.

"Because of a tender act of kindness, Ella is brought into the Summer Palace. Having lost her father in the Great War, and her only home reduced to ashes, she discovers there is more to the King's heart than meets the eye. And that love can hold many secrets.

"Betrayed by those closest to him, surrounded still be those who would seek to use him for their own gain, Alaric sees trust as a fragile thing. Haunted by the pain of his own losses, familiar with deception, and reluctant to love—yet he is drawn to give his heart to the girl he can never have. Because the truth my destroy their tender bond forever.

"Will the expectations of the kingdom overrule his heart?"

Read the first 3 1/2 chapters HERE! I would love it if you could leave a rating on the preview and share it with your friends and family, and I am eager to share Alaric and Ella's complete story with you soon!


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